Content Randomizer

Use the Content Randomizer to create multiple versions of your content that will be randomly displayed in the order of your choosing. In combination with the Landing Page Generator, you can generate thousands of unique landing pages this way, within minutes.

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Multiple Content Versions

Instead of just writing one block of content for your site, the SEO Content Randomizer allows you to setup multiple blocks of content, that you can inject anywhere you want via shortcode (placeholder). Since the Google-Bot visits your site regularly it will always find updated, new content and ranks you higher on the Search Index.

Multiple Content Types

The SEO Content Randomizer allows you to add different types of content, such as text blocks, phrases, keywords, lists, images, etc. The different versions of the content are then randomly selected and displayed on your page, wherever you put the placeholder.

Works with the Landing Page Generator

In combination with the Landing Page Generator, the Content Randomizer can help you create thousands of unique landing pages that will boost your organic traffic. The more versions of content you add, the more unique your landing pages will be.

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Randomize your Content




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How to Increase Your SEO Digital Footprint

In combination, our plugins can heavily increase organic traffic to your site.


Create templates for your services

A template page is the source from which landing pages derive their content. Create one template page for each service you want to promote.


Write multiple versions of content

On the template page, you can define the order in which the content should appear and then write different versions of the content that will later be randomly selected for each landing page.


Let the plugin generate local landing pages

When you’re done setting up your template pages, simply select the cities you want to generate landing pages for. The plugin will then generate as many landing pages per city as there are template pages automatically.

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5 Random Content Blocks

10 Custom Content Panels

10 Custom Image Panels

20 Random Images per Panel



10 Random Content Blocks

10 Custom Content Panels

10 Custom Image Panels

20 Random Images per Panel



Unlimited Random Content Blocks

Unlimited Custom Content Panels

Unlimited Custom Image Panels

Unlimited Random Images per Panel

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Wow, what amazing plugins! My site has been using the Landing Page Builder and Content Randomizing plugins for two weeks and I already have over 8,800 organic pages indexed on Google. When I started, I only had 120 pages indexed on Google that another company built for me, which took over a year to build and cost me a ton of money. Using the Landing Page Builder, and Content Randomizer plugins, I am already appearing above the 120 pages that were indexed by Google for over a year, for a fraction of the price. I’ve already received five leads, that turned into three jobs from the SEO created by these plugins. I would refer Robert’s SEO plugins to any company trying to increase their work through SEO.
Gary Blakeney
Xpert Restoration
I just wanted to say thank you. Since launching our new site Barrier Free calls have increased well over 70%. If you ever need a reference, give my name and number.
Joe Nichols
Barrier Free Modifications
I have worked with Robert and IntellaSoft for approximately a year and a half. For the first time in my business we have consistent quality leads coming in from organic searches! The best part is that the number of leads and the quality are measurable by utilizing the call recording options. No more wondering if we were wasting our money and not knowing where our advertising dollars went. Using Robert changed our SEO from a shot in the dark with inconsistent (at best) results to a quantifiable, consistent and quality part of our online advertising. Thank you Robert!
Zach Broch, CIE, CCMI
Secure Restoration, Inc.

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